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RE-CO BKLYN- Urban Lumber Harvesting

by brooklynmodern | March 13th, 2016

RE-CO BKLYN has recently teamed up with the NYC Parks department and local tree services to harvest large quantities of storm damaged trees from Hurricane Sandy. We are milling and kiln drying live edge slabs from NYC’s own trees. Feel free to make an appointment to visit our yard, shop or showroom to look at lumber or discuss your custom design needs.

It’s been a long road from our humble beginnings to where we are now. We have gone from milling logs with chainsaws on the sidewalks of Bushwick to running our own 5400+ square foot facility housing a new mill, drying kiln, and a huge variety of logs from all over the New York area. We have been working hard to provide craftsmen, furniture makers, designers and woodworkers with beautiful, unique material sourced from right here in the city.

Aside from reducing the strain on our already overloaded landfills, we are putting the beauty that our trees give us back out in the world. With the broad palette of North American hardwoods at our disposal we are able to offer live edge slabs and wide boards in the following species:

Red oak, White oak, Silver Maple, Sugar maple, Norway maple, Elm, Hickory, Black birch, Black walnut, Black cherry, Poplar, Mulberry,American beech…etc.

Check to view our current inventory; email us at to be added to our newsletter and be notified you when new stock is added; and be sure to like us on facebook at

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